Graduate Students:

Rivkah Rogawski

2011: Ph.D. student at Columbia University

2007-2011: B.A. in Chemistry, Yeshiva University’s Stern College for Women, USA

My research focuses on developing methods for the study of membrane proteins thanks to dynamic nuclear polarization. Right now I am working on KcsA, a model potassium channel, and learning about molecular biology, protein expression and solid-state NMR.

Yunyao Xu

2012: Ph.D. student at Columbia University

2009-2011: B.S. in Chemistry, Hunan University, China

2007-2009: Certificate, Li Da Honored Class, Hunan University, China

My research mainly focuses on exploring transition between various states of KcsA,a potsassium channel, specially for the C-type inactivation process and further illustrate the allostery involved in the gating mechanism using solid state NMR.

Gary S. Howarth

2014: Ph.D. student at Columbia University

2010 – 2013: Science Teacher, Academy of the Sacred Heart

2007 – 2010: Science Teacher, New Orleans Charter Science and Math High School

2006 – 2007: Research Associate, Sterilex Corporation

2002 – 2006: B.A., Chemistry, Lewis & Clark College

My research examines the interactions of membrane ion channels with their lipid contacts, exploring the way in which lipid composition affects structure and function of membrane proteins using biochemistry and NMR. To that end, I am developing novel technique to probe coordinated lipid-protein dynamics.

Dongyu(Allison) Zhang

2011-2013 University of Wisconsin Madison

2014-present: PhD student at Columbia University

Reseach Interest: my research focus on the effect of different lipid compositions on the structure and allosteric coupling of potassium channel, KcsA.

Kelsey McCoy

2014: PhD student at Columbia University

2010-2014: B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

My research is focused on developing robust in cell DNP techniques and extending the biological relevance of traditional ssNMR techniques. I am interested in the bacterial cytoskeleton, with a specific focus on the structure and mechanism of the Z ring and FtsZ polymerization dynamics.

Undergraduate Students:

John Philippe Avendano

Columbia College ’18

My research focuses on the analysis of radical stability for the purposes of DNP, which boosts NMR signal intensity using the unpaired electrons in radicals. I analyze the reduction rates of several radicals combined with specific reducing agents via EPR Spectroscopy, in addition to UV Vis Spectrometry to see which radicals produce the strongest signals for NMR. I have recently undertaken pursuing a project testing various c1oncentrations of NEM (N-Ethylmaleimide) to be added to radicals for maximum preservation and cell survival. Previous studies hinted towards N-ethylmaleimide’s (NEM) dual ability to preserve radical signals in whole cell cultures; yet it has also been shown to be cytotoxic, meaning it kills off cells. Finding the ideal concentration with which to treat cells could yield a solution that helps preserve finite radical lifetimes, aiding the McDermott Group’s ability to enhance solid state NMR signals.

Lia Parkin

Barnard College

My research focuses on investigating liposomes, which have been used by other group members to study KcsA, a membrane channel protein. I have been characterizing liposomes and their degradation using solution NMR. I am going to expand my studies to explore KcsA and to determine whether the liposome system mimics the natural environment of Streptomyces lividans (the organism that KcsA comes from) closely enough. 


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